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A modular builder kit for
towering tabletop mech knight
miniatures. 3D printable STL files

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Explore over 100 character models and modular kits, all presupported and ready for 3D printing. In addition to five factions of miniatures useable as proxy models in grim dark tabletop war games, the Dorkfactory also offers original and distinctive dark sci-fi cyborg body horror designs for any scifi RPG setting.

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Are you a fan of Dorkfactory miniatures? Would you like to support the ongoing creation of dark sci-fi minis? Imagine getting a fantastic deal on anything in the Dorkfactory catalog every month and more perks on top of that.

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Patron Perks

  • Monthly Dork Points that can be traded for ANY dorkfactory miniatures
  • The Dorkfactory starter pack
  • A 30% discount in the MyMiniFactory Store
  • Cloud storage via the Dorkfactory Reward Portal
  • A special role in the Dorkfactory Discord server
  • Occassional guest models, votes, special events, and other surprises!

Dork Points

Many 3D-printable miniature Patreons follow a simple "FOMO" based system where every month you get a bargain on a big bundle of models that might never be cheap again. Miss a month and you might have to pay 3 or 10 times what it cost in the Patreon bundle to get what you're looking for. At the Dork factory, things are more open-ended.

You sign up at your preferred tier level and receive Dork Points each month. These points can be traded for ANY Dorkfactory models. You can grab the latest models, or if you're not feeling it, check out the extensive and growing catalog.

Dork Points offer you a great deal. Depending on your patron-tier and the models you choose, it's a 40-60% discount—just as good as or better than any of the big MyMiniFactory sales.

You can save the points for as long as you want, and anything you redeem in the reward portal website stays there, ready to be downloaded as many times as you need.

Plus, you have the flexibility to upgrade, downgrade, or even end your patronage at any time and your points and models will still be accessible in the reward portal website.

Welcome Pack Miniatures

Right off the bat you get 5 supported, tested and ready to print models (1 from each of the 5 dorkfactory factions)

  • Gorebot Bloodshot
    from the Gorebots
  • Slasher Spawn
    from the Xenoswarm
  • Reanimated Combat Drone
    from the Dark Machinists
  • Corrupted Void Commando
    from the Dread Army
  • Shadowspace Bloodseeker
    from the Ancient Cyborg Bodystealer Cabal
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